The Doggy Den

Doggy Daycare With a Difference

Did you know The Doggy Den is owned and operated by a Veterinarian? Owned by 2 Sarah's, Sarah A is a qualified practicing veterinarian, and Sarah N who has worked in the veterinarian industry for 4 years. This is where there passion and vision started.

Both Sarah's have young families and an extreme appreciation for Canine kind. It naturally followed that they wanted to do something that involved both of these most important features in their lives and hence - the doggy den!​

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm.


Casual - $20/day

Three + days - $18/day

Five days - $16.50/day

Drop & Shop - $5/hr

Happy Dog

The Doggy Den team has an absolute passion for creating an enriched and fulfilling environment for your pooches. We provide indoor and outdoor enclosures to cater for all weather. We also have smaller pens for those dogs who prefer a quieter social life. Our health and safety standards for dogs are second to none. We provide a gentle induction of new members of the pack and individualise this process to cater for the unique needs of each dog. Free reminder services for vaccinations as well as programs for worm and flea treatment are standard.​

The Doggy Den

The Doggy Den